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You are about to hear a very unique inspirational speaker. Someone who isn’t going to hold anything back as he breaks down his action plan for success.
He has been in the trenches he has faced adversity, both physically and personally, and has always come out on top. He is someone who has never let his circumstances define his character, but rather made sure no matter what the challenge, his integrity remained intact.
I am excited to say that we have someone who is going to inspire us today by sharing his action plans for success…
Ladies and gentlemen please join me in welcoming the one, the only
Diamond Dallas Page


Questions for you.. 

Dallas customizes his speeches to best suit the specific needs of your company or organization, meeting theme and desired results.

We conduct a scheduled conference call with you and your people to find out exactly what you are looking for and then build a unique presentation,
specially designed just for your group.

The questions:

*What is the theme of the meeting?
*What is the purpose of the meeting?
*Who are the attendees?
*Session Objectives?
*What are three of the main challenges in your industry?

Dallas will launch your meeting to the next level!


The Right Speaker For You?

It’s always tough to be sure you’ve chosen the right speaker. The following steps will help you determine whether Dallas is the right speaker for you.

If your goal from the presentation is one of the following referenced below, then Dallas’ presentation will be the one you need.

*You want your people to take appropriate responsibility, approach problems from a positive viewpoint, be more attentive, more assertive and operate in and outside the box to improve performance.

*You want to inspire and motivate your people while providing them with an uplifting, inspiring message with a proven game plan for success.

*You want to energize your sales force and show them that outside pressures including the market and the media can’t control their attitude or the outcome of their performance.
*You need to change the way your people do things and how they see things to respond successfully to the changes that confront them and your organization.

*You want to get the message to your people that it’s okay to do things differently if needed — to depart from the past and excel or to expand upon the past to excel or any combination of the above.

*You want to let your sales force know that fear is not part of the equation but if it creeps in how it can be used as a motivational tool and to light a fire under them.

*If you want your staff to be the ones who are too busy accomplishing goals while others are too busy complaining about things they can’t control.

*You want to add an inspiring and entertaining element to your meeting — but also clearly send the message to your people that rewards don’t come without risk, and the organization and all employees will benefit.

*You need your people to tackle challenges head on and employ conflict resolution to be used constructively and to create a more cohesive work force.

If you’re still not certain, do one or more of the following:
Discuss your specific needs and concerns with Marlon Ransom ( Dallas personal friend and booking agent.

Watch Dallas’ speaking reel.

Talk to some of Dallas’ past speaking clients.

All these will give you a strong sense of Dallas’ approach and message. Dallas’ presentations are filled with passion, realness and unbridled energy and pragmatism.

Every organization, University, or Institution that wants to see significant and positive changes that resonate and are more permanent than temporary will benefit from Dallas’ presentations.

AV Requirements

Elevated stage

Stage lighting


Coat rack

MAC compatible equipment for video

Large screen

Meet with organizer of the event one hour before along with sound and video check.

 Investment Rates

*Dallas Pages investment rates, are determined based on a number of factors and may change without notice. They are based on a number of factors including: his schedule, supply and demand, length of presentation, location of event and other factors. Investment Ranges listed on this website are intended to serve only as a guideline. In some cases, the actual investment quote may be above or below the stated range. For the most current rate, please contact Marlon Ransom directly at

Please note that Dallas’ listed investment rate of $10,001 – $20,000, indicates that his fee likely falls within that investment range.

Like any business, Dallas’ rate of investments for presentations will fluctuate based on supply and demand. For example, when he releases his next book and lets say it end up on The New York Times Best Sellers list. He launches a new television show, or is involved in a major news worthy event, it is not unusual for the investment to change (sometimes dramatically) without notice due to increased demand and limited availability.

Traveling from California.


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