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March 29, 20132 years ago

DDP Talks DDP YOGA, Recovery And Progress For Jake Roberts, Scott Hall, More Read more:

On DDP Yoga gaining the popularity it has: “I expected it to gain the popularity it has only because it’s changing lives on a different level. In the beginning, it could have been any weight loss program that really had nothing to do with weight loss. I never developed this program for weight loss. I developed it to heal my body. And anybody who’s listening, obviously wrestling fans who are listening your show, a lot of them may have heard but the bottom line is that I didn’t start wrestling until I was 35. My career did not take off until I was 40 and that was in 1996. The beginning of the Monday Night Wars which is probably the greatest time in professional wrestling as far as the fans are concerned because it had the WCW directly competing against the WWF which is pretty fascinating at the time. And when that happened in 1996 and wrestling blew up huge, well I was lucky that I put in 5 years of working my ass off you know. And it all paid off. Because when wrestling blew up, so did my career. And ’97-’98 it was on top of the world. And then I blew out my back. I blew it out so badly. It was my L4 and L5. I had ruptured those discs between my vertebrae and three specialists told me my career was over. And I had just signed a multi-million dollar three year deal and they’re telling me I’m done. It’s pretty disheartening. But I was actually pulled back in. I was married at the time. Kimberly was trying to get me to do yoga to heal my body and my mind. So, it was like yoga? No way I’m not doing that. So I get when people go “DDP’s doing yoga? What?” I get that. It came out of necessity and I ended up after about three weeks feeling a significant difference. So I started believing in it and I started adding it to my rehab I already started doing and mixing them together.



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October 30, 20122 years ago

WWE 13 gameplay footage

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October 24, 20122 years ago

Superstars Feel the BANG! of DDP Yoga


Following a successful career in sports-entertainment, iconic WCW competitor Diamond Dallas Page shifted his focus to a new arena: creating a revolutionary form of yoga that he originally called YRG Fitness. In the years since, YRG Fitness has evolved into DDP Yoga, and the former WCW Champion is changing lives with his innovative program. The core philosophy of DDP Yoga takes traditional yoga and adds various levels of resistance, different breathing techniques and power movements to achieve weight loss, lean muscle and improved cardio.

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