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DDP Yoga

DDP Yoga is not traditional yoga, it’s a hybrid workout that incorporates
some traditional yoga movements and adds dynamic resistance, active breathing techniques and power movements to make for a more challenging and results oriented workout.

The main benefits are body fat loss, lean muscle growth, and improved cardio levels all without placing undue stress on the joints. A valid comparison to yoga is they both provide increased flexibility and core strengthening.

It is currently used by professional football players, professional as well as amateur wrestlers, MMA fighters, and regular everyday people who want to perform at optimum levels and want to place themselves in the best position to see career and life changing results and improve their quality of life.

DDP Yoga is the evolution of what was formerly the YRG Fitness System, which is best know for what many say is the most dramatic transformation in the health and fitness industry.

Disabled Veteran Arthur Boorman

You couldn’t write a better inspirational story than Arthur Boorman’s – when I first talked to him on the phone I had no idea what he would achieve with DDP Yoga and a little encouragement. Without a doubt, it’s the most incredible transformation in fitness history! Watch his story and think about all the obstacles he had to overcome, and then think about what YOU are capable of. It’s because of Arthur’s amazing story, that I like to ask, “WHAT COULD YOU DO?” Most of us have it easy compared to him, and he is now a true DDP Yoga warrior! He has proven to so many that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Chris Jericho on DDPYOGA

I’ve been telling friends about DDP Yoga for over a decade, and I think it’s FINALLY starting to sink in. Like me, a lot of elite athletes have been through the gamut of injuries — torn rotator cuffs, knee surgeries, torn muscles, and just getting up in the morning can be challenge. When I heard Chris Jericho was suffering from similar back injuries to my own, I reached out to him and he was willing to try anything… even “Yoga”. Ha! Watch his testimonial to see the results he achieved with DDP Yoga. I’m so thankful to him for speaking out about his experience with my workout, as it further validates just how effective DDP Yoga is. You won’t find another workout that strengthens while it heals, increases your flexibility as you burn fat!

What DDP did to overcome ALL his INJURIES!

DDP Yoga is designed by Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) a three-time professional wrestling heavyweight champion, whose career spanned two decades and who entered the ring at 35, an age when most pro athletes are forced into retirement.

DDP Yoga is a revolutionary fitness system that places no pressure on the joints, elevates cardio levels, develops core strength and flexibility, promotes body fat loss and increases lean muscle growth.
DDP has taken his body to hell and back as he traveled the world and wrestled up to 270 days a year suffering major injuries to his neck, back, shoulders and knees, injuries that could easily derail a career and affect his quality of life.
His answer to this was DDP Yoga, a system that allows you to work at your own ability and with consistency reap benefits that will help hold back the hands of time.

Stacey Morris’  Weight Loss Journey

Sometimes, there really is such a thing as ‘one size fits all.’ Check out the video transformation of Team DDP Yoga member Stacey Morris and you’ll see what I mean. Over the years, I’ve learned from Team DDP Yoga members from all walks of life, that DDP Yoga can be used for varying reasons and to achieve different results for different people.When I developed DDP Yoga more than a decade ago, I never intended it to be a weight loss tool. I’m 6 foot 4, never had a fat day in my life, but was in major pain from my wrestling career. What I was looking for was to be able to walk across a room without hobbling in pain. DDP Yoga delivered. Then came Terri Lange and Arthur Boorman, who dropped significant amounts of weight doing DDP Yoga. The list of formerly obese people who have transformed their lives and bodies continues to grow. Just check out Team DDP Yoga ( ) to see the examples of Terri, Arthur, Doug Steffen, Eric ‘Sparky’ Collier, and Stacey Morris. Stacey was 345 pounds in January 2009 when she found DDP Yoga. She was 44 and at the end of her rope after a lifetime of dieting and regaining weight. But she was willing to embrace the DDP Yoga lifestyle. This video of her transformation shows what can be done if you’re willing to put in the work, change your lifestyle and invest in yourself. Are you ready?