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Arthur's Journey

You couldn't write a better inspirational story than Arthur Boorman's - when I first talked to him on the phone I had no idea what he would achieve with DDP Yoga and a little encouragement. Without a doubt, it's the most incredible transformation in fitness history!

Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you React to it, Stay Strong, Be Unstoppable.
"Diamond" Dallas Page

Find out more about Arthur’s amazing Journey and so much more at! DDP Yoga is the workout created by 3 time WCW champion Diamond “Dallas” Page.  Originally developed to help him recover from injury when he blew out his L4 and L5 it eventually evolved into what it is today. With it’s nearly zero impact approach and ability to raise the heart rate while increasing strength and flexibility is drastically changing people’s lives. Currently used by more than 50 professional wrestlers (among several other sports)  it’s proven as not only a valuable weight loss tool but also a great way to avoid and recover from various injuries.


During the build up to WrestleMania 28 CM Punk bashed Chris Jericho and DDP Yoga saying “[Chris] does DDP Yoga and that’s not even real yoga. This isn’t a front on Diamond Dallas Page – nice guy and all that, but whatever…”
Chris Jericho responded with this: “All I know is that DDP Yoga works for me,” he explained. “It’s the best training I’ve had in my life and it’s funny how I’ve been wrestling 10 years longer than CM Punk, but he’s the one who’s always walking around with more ice on him than an eskimo in February. I’m pain-free.”



“When I came back from the big injury — I was in bed from the injury for the better part of six months; I’d lost a lot of my core strength and flexibility and things of that nature — I started doing (DDP Yoga) religiously. It helped me. I just started feeling younger again. A lot of the movements from DDP Yoga are a part of my daily stretching routine now.”

WWE Superstar Ryback




So here I am 2 months out from my second neck surgery at the ripe old age of 39. I knew I wanted to implement yoga, but I always put it off. I was too sore, too many surgeries, too tired blah blah blah. You can use any excuse, and I did. Dallas has been trying to tell me I need to do this for years. Finally I listened, and I’m so glad I did. I should have listened years ago, but it’s never too late. This can help people at any fitness level. Male, female, retired wrestler, beginning, intermediate, or even if you’re you’re a triathlete. I always try to maintain a positive outlook, but the energy this provides you shoots all of that through the roof. I got all my friends unrelated to wrestling, sayin “what you doin man”. Yoga dude. Yoga. My flexibility, at 2 months removed from spinal fusion surgery, is at a level it hasn’t been at since I was 18. My heart rate gets up to the 160’s at times. Total fat burning rates. All from dynamic resistance. It’s so simple. Yet so effective. Proof is in the puddin. Check out some of the people who have started WALKING because of this. Imagine what it can do for you. I don’t plug anything unless I believe it. If you do the work, and you CAN do it, this will work. Bang!

Adam “Edge” Copeland



“I have trained in a variety of ways over the years preparing for the High Demands of being a Professional Athlete, but not many have helped me with my overall movements and Performance more than DDP Yoga. It’s easily one of the most challenging yet rewarding workout routines I have ever done.”

Titus O’Neil